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Batman Bob Egley wins Bus Race, Kris Bures wins Quad Race, Krista Egli wins Powder Puff Bus Race 7.32

Batman Bob Egley wins Bus Race, Kris Bures wins Quad Race, Krista Egli wins Powder Puff Bus Race

By Eric J. Westendorf


Sarver, PA (July 31,2007) Who was that masked man in Victory Lane?  It was none other than Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks driver Bob Egley, (#3B of Kittanning), piloting the “Bat Bus” to the checkered flag.  Egley joins Dave Hess Jr. as the only drivers to win features in two different divisions during the 2007 season.  Hess won both a Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Model Race (June 1) and a UMP Modified Race (April 17).  Egley won the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock Feature on May 4 and took the checkers again tonight in his #3B Bat Bus.  The Caped Crusader started from the seventh position and made his way through the field, taking the lead for good on lap six.  Bill Clepper, (#99 of Freeport), started beside Egley from the eighth spot, and gave him a run for his lunch money, but settled for second.  Early leader Mike McNeish, (#101 of Butler), was no match for Egley and Clepper but finished a strong third place.  Frank Spithaler, of Evans City, herded the “Cow Patty” #008 to a fourth place finish.  Gary Egli, (#48 of Meadville), rounded out the top five.  On the opening lap of the feature Bob Clepper, (#44 of DuBois), took a nasty flip entering turn three, barrel rolling to a stop at the apex of turns three and four.  Heat races were won by Bob Egley and Bill Clepper


Quad jockey Kris Bures, (#21 of Blairsville), started on the inside pole as the quads approached the start/finish line in a three wide formation like you see at the Indy 500.  Matt Schaeffer, (#9 of Kittanning), started on the outside of row one.  Bures and Schaeffer dragged raced down the front straightaway with Bures in the preferred low line.  Bures assumed the lead exiting turn two and would never relinquish the lead.  Schaeffer, brother of Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint Car reigning track champion Kevin Schaeffer, was right on his tail for all 12 laps, but Bures was smooth as silk and never gave Schaeffer a window to even try to pass.  Vinnie Esposito, (#75 of New Derry), also finished on the make-shift podium in Victory Lane with a third place finish.  Joe Davis, (#3 of Stoneboro), and Tyler Smith, (#22 of East Brady), rounded out the top five.  Heat Race Winners were Kris Bures, Tyler Smith and Matt Schaeffer.

There was a scary moment in the quad feature when Travis Dale, (#386 of New Brighton), touched wheels with another driver, flipped, flew off the quad, and was run into by another quad.  Dale lay motionless until EMTs arrived at the scene, but eventually got up and walked into the ambulance under his own power. 

The evening was capped off by a Powder Puff Bus Race, won by Christa Egli, (#48 of Meadville).  Egli held off a hard charging Rosie Spithaler, (of Evans City piloting the #008 Cow Patty Bus), to take the checkered flag and a stop in Victory Lane.  Laura Dempsey, (#73B of Townville) came home third.  Early leader Missy Gardenia, (#40 of Ford City), pulled off the track in the middle of the race and was scored fourth.  Only four cars started the feature and no heat races were run for the Powder Puffs.

Between Heat Race and Feature Race action, over a hundred kids took the track for the first of two kid’s bike races of the 2007 season.  While only the winners got a trophy, every kid was awarded a ribbon and was a winner just by being on the track competing!


Race Results

313 N. Pike Road Sarver, PA 16055

Phone (724) 353-1511 Fax (724) 353-2650



Quads Feature Finish(12 Laps)

1.            (21)        Kris Bures, Blairsville

2.            (9)          Matt Schaeffer, Kittanning

3.            (75)        Vinnie Esposito, New Derry

4.            (3)          Joe Davis, Stoneboro

5.            (22)        Tyler Smith, East Brady

6.            (21B)     Mark Bert, Fredonia

7.            (711)      James Uber, Hermitage

8.            (201)      Brian Goodman, Fennelton

9.            (95)        Dave Lowe, New Stanton

10.          (42)        John Sofko, Butler

11.          (8T)        Eric Spiker, New Castle

12.          (5)          Gary Olliver, Edinboro

13.          (20)        Trevor Bovard, Mercer

14.          (4Sale)Max Gardenia, Sarver

15.          (621)      Brett Neupert, Harrisville

16.          (8)          Nick Brown, Greenville

17.          (23)        Eric Lutz, Slippery Rock

18.          (11)        Brian Watterson, Butler

19.          (8J)         Joe Switzer, Butler

20.          (386)      Travis Dale, New Brighton, DNS

Heat Race Winners: Kris Bures, Tyler Smith, Matt Schaeffer


School Bus  Feature Finish(15 Laps)

1.            (3)          Bob Egley, Kittanning

2.            (99)        Bill Clepper, Freeport

3.            (101)      Mike McNeish, Butler

4.            (008)      Frank Spithaler, Evans City

5.            (48)        Gary Egli, Meadville

6.            (73B)     Dick Beers, Titusville

7.            (40)        Ron Ehrman Jr., Butler

8.            (69)        Ben Clepper, Butler

9.            (44)        Bob Clepper, Dubois

Heat Race Winners: Bill Clepper, Bob Egley


Ladies Powder Puff Feature Finish (15 Laps)

1.            (48)        Christa Egli, Meadville

2.            (008)      Rose Spithaler, Evans City

3.            (73B)     Laura Dempsey, Townville

4.            (40)        Missy Gardenia, Ford City

5.            (44)        Kim Carpino - DNS

6.            (69)        Vicki Morter - DNS



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