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Schaeffer, Pegher Jr. and Swartzlander Clinch 2007 Track Championships, Ellenberger, Carbo and Weller Jr. Zoom to Victory Lane. Ferree puts exclamation point on banner season. 8.24

Schaeffer, Pegher Jr. and Swartzlander Clinch 2007 Track Championships, Ellenberger, Carbo and Weller Jr. Zoom to Victory Lane.  Ferree puts exclamation point on banner season.


By Eric J. Westendorf


Sarver, PA (August 24, 2007) Three track Championships were up for grabs on another hot, steamy night of Fab Four Racing.  Alex Ferree captured the Freidman’s Freshmarkets Late Model Budweiser Track Championship a few weeks ago.  Mike Pegher Jr. captured his first Lernerville Budweiser Track Championship in the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks simply by starting the heat race.  Kevin Schaeffer finished third in the CT&T Sprint feature to secure his second consecutive championship.  Finally, Brian Swartzlander scored his fifth Ferrante Motor Cars Modified Track Championship.



The Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint Cars Track Championship came down to a six point lead held by Reigning Track Champion Kevin Schaeffer, (#9 of Kittanning), over Rod George, (#4 also of Kittanning).  George made up two of the eight point lead Schaeffer carried into the final night of points in the heat race.  Schaeffer started fourth and finished third ahead of George, who came home fourth, to claim his second consecutive Budweiser Points Championship.



Brian Ellenberger, (#20 of Butler), has had a rough month of August, but was as smooth as could be tonight on a rough, but racey surface.  Ellenberger started sixth and took command of the race on the lap three restart.  By lap five, Ed Lynch Jr., (#2L of Apollo), was in second place and running down Ellenberger as they entered into lapped traffic.  When the caution flag flew on lap 13 for Carl Bowser, (#10 of Sarver), who almost won last week’s feature, it appeared as though the Apollo Rocket would blast past the All Star regular Ellenberger.  Ellenberger had other plans and checked out with an open track in front of him.  He also masterfully worked lapped traffic and bested Lynch to claim his first Lernerville feature win of the season.  Behind Lynch was back-to-back track champion “Cool” Kevin Schaeffer in third and Bud points runner up Rod George in fourth. 



George, by virtue of last week’s feature win, started 12th and ran a heck of a race just to get into the top five but fell short of the championship.  Danny Holtgraver, (#D4 of Pittsburgh), had his best finish of the season by finishing fifth.  Lynch and Dan Shetler, (#98 of Johnstown), won heat races.  Shetler broke a right rear shock that sent him flipping and spiraling in turn two during the feature.



2007 Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Model Champion “Awesome” Alex Ferree, (#4 of Saxonburg), ended the 2007 Fab Four season, fittingly, in Victory Lane.  The win was the ninth of the season for the breakout driver of 2007.  But Alex still has one race left on his 2007 Lernerville Dance Card, next Friday’s MACS Late Model Feature.  Ferree’s first Lernerville win came four years ago in a MACS race with one of the most exciting finishes in Action Track history as Ferree used every inch of the track to beat Jackie Boggs to the stripe.  Ferree would love nothing more than to pick up his 10th win of the season in the 35 lap feature against the MACS invaders.



While Ferree had the Bud Points Championship wrapped up three weeks ago, he didn’t have it quite so easy tonight.  John Mollick, (#4J of Toronto, OH), appeared to be on his way to his first career Lernerville Speedway A-Main feature win.  He had a healthy lead over Ferree when he suddenly came to a stop at the end of the back straightaway.  Mollick informed track officials the car was overheating and he did not want to risk damage to the motor.  Ferree assumed the lead following the caution and chose to restart on the outside of second place runner Jason DuPont, (#NO7 of Cyclone).  As he has so many times this season, Alex took the lead on the restart and set sail for Victory Lane.  The combination of new clay and extreme humidity the past few days made for a rough racing surface; as such an exhausted Ferree climbed out of his car and waved the checkered flag saluting the fans.  “Slow Ride” David Scott, (#3 of Garland) gave Ferree a run for his money in the closing laps and finished second after starting 12th.  Jason DuPont had his best run of the season with a strong third place finish.  Budweiser Points runner up Gary Lyle, (#10 of Hyde Park), came the whole way from 13th to finish fourth.  Greg Satterlee, (#22 of Rochester Mills), also advanced nine positions starting 14th and finishing fifth.  Heat races were claimed by Jared Miley, (#H1 of South Park), and Mike Blose, (#5 of Dayton).  Both Miley and Blose had disappointing feature finishes after both running strong early in the race, only to be victims of another caution riddled Late Model Feature.  The most horrific victim of the Late Model carnage was Nick Reges, (#38R of Butler), who took a nasty flip entering turn one.  Reges’ car was absolutely mutilated, but he walked away without a scratch!



As mentioned above, Mike Pegher Jr., (#09 of Wexford), secured his first Budweiser Lernerville Track Championships in the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks during the heat race portion of the evening.  So with the pressure off in the feature, Pegher was looking to win his fourth feature of the season. 


Wayne Carbo, (#54 of Saxonburg), had other designs for the 15 lap feature.  Carbo started in the 11th starting position but moved forward quickly.  He took the lead on lap seven, but the yellow came out for debris on the track.  Reverting back to the last competed lap, Carbo restarted second, but he would take the lead on the ensuing restart and never relinquished it.  There was a heated battle behind Carbo for second, but he would never be seriously challenged for the lead on his way to Victory Lane for the first time this season.  “Super” Joe Kelley, (#66 of Greensburg), won the heavily contested battle for second.  Also engaged in the battle for second were early leader Jim Fosnaught, (#20J of Bairdford), Paul Schreckengost, (#3S of Creighton), and Jason Fosnaught, (#J19 also of Creighton).  When the checkered flag flew it was Jason Fosnaught in third, Paul Schreckengost in fourth, and Jim Fosnaught rounding out the top five.  Pegher had a rough finish to his championship night as he slowed in turn three coming to the checkered flag while running near the top five, he was officially scored 16th.  Heat races were checkered by Paul Schreckengost, Jason Fosnaught, and outgoing back-to-back Track Champion Butch Lambert, (#27 of Mars).



Tonight’s Main Event, featured a 25 lap showdown between Brian Swartzlander, (#83 of Leechburg), and Del Rougeux Jr., (#20D of Frenchville), for the 2007 Budweiser Track Championship in the Ferrante Motor Cars Modifieds.  There was not much interaction between the two on the track during the feature, and in the end, Swartzlander’s 18 point lead entering the night was too much for Rougeux to overcome.  Swartzlander’s 2007 Track Championship is his fifth at the Action Track, and first since 2003.



On the track it was the Jim Weller Jr. Show!  Weller, (#31 of Hubbard, OH), has suffered through one of the worst seasons of his career.  Understand that over the years Weller, a two-time Lernerville Track Champion, has set a high standard and by most drivers’ outlooks, Weller’s 2007 would be a successful season.  But for Weller, it has been one disappointing finish after another.  Entering tonight’s season finale, Weller had eight top fives, but had not been able to get a win.  Tonight that all went out the window, as Weller led every circuit of the 25 lap A-Main feature event.  Starting fourth, he was in the lead after one lap, and despite the best efforts of J.R. McGinley, (#66 of Fairmount City), and later Brian Swartzlander, Weller never looked back on his way to Victory Lane.  Swartzlander finished in second place to secure his fifth track championship.  McGinley had his best finish of the season by coming across the line third.  Last week’s feature winner, and driver of tonight’s race sponsor Armstrong Zoom Internet & Cable, Dave Murdick, (#61 of Slippery Rock), came from the 12th starting position to finish fourth.  Revin’ Kevin Bolland, (#777 of New Brighton), rounded out the top five after starting 10th.  Murdick and Bolland won their respective heat races.



With the Fab Four season in the rearview mirror, the Lernerville Speedway turns its attention towards three special racing events to cap off the amazing 2007 season.  Next Friday August 31st will be the Sonia Bullis Memorial sponsored by Cleveland Brothers CAT.  The 35 lap A-main feature organized by Chad Hill, (who drove a car owned by Bullis), will be sanctioned by the O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars.  Also racing a 35 lap feature event that night will be the MACS Late Models.  The Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks will also be in action for a non-points cash grab!  The following Saturday September 8 is the “Back to School” Bus, Powder Puff, Senior Series, and Kid’s Bike Races, sponsored by G&D Beverage.  The first 200 participants in the Kid’s Bike Races will receive a FREE Smiley Face Cookie courtesy of Eat & Park Restaurants.  The racing season will wrap up with the second two-day show of the 2007 season.  The September 14 & 15 Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest 2007 will feature two nights of “Pure Stock Pandemonium”.  Friday Night’s action will also feature UMP Modifieds and a 100 lap Enduro race.  Then, Saturday Night, its more UMP Modifieds for a $1000-to-win feature, Mod-Lites and a Demolition Derby.  Wrapping up the 2007 schedule is the 1st Annual Lernerville Automotive Swap Meet on Saturday September 22.  For more details and ticket information log on to www.lernerville.com or call the speedway office at (724)353-1511



Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints Feature (25 Laps)

1.       (20E)  Brian Ellenberger, Butler

2.       (2L)    Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo

3.       (9)      Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning

4.       (4)      Rod George, Kittanning

5.       (D4)   Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh

6.       (15)    Mike Lutz, Mercer

7.       (11)    Scott Priester, Rimersburg

8.       (42G) Charlie Holben, Cabot

9.       (56)    Ralph Spithaler, Evans City

10.   (33)    Brent Matus, Wampum

11.   (3B)    Scott Bonnell, Fairview

12.   (6)      Gary Rankin, Renfrew

13.   (51)    Jason Pisani, Pittsburgh

14.   (59)    Terry Bowser, Sarver

15.   (76)    Davey Jones, Warrendale

16.   (3)      Joe Butera, Wampum

17.   (4K)    Bill Kiley, Cabot

18.   (49)    Tom Quarterson, Masury, Oh

19.   (08)    Dan Kuriger, Freedom

20.   (10)    Carl Bowser, Sarver

21.   (98)    Dan Shetler, Johnstown

22.   (7)      Rich Reinhart, Freedom               

Heat Race Winners: Ed Lynch Jr., Dan Shetler


Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Models Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (4)          Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  2. (3S)        David Scott, Garland
  3. (NO7)    Jason DuPont, Cyclone
  4. (10)        Gary Lyle, Hyde Park
  5. (22)        Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  6. (1C)        Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  7. (1J)         Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  8. (H1)       Jared Miley, South Park
  9. (55S)      Chris Schneider, Creighton
  10. (88)        Chuck Sarver, West Sunbury
  11. (38R)     Nick Reges, Butler
  12. (5)          Mike Blose, Dayton
  13. (3)          Dan Swartzlander, Freeport
  14. (29)        Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
  15. (111D)   Jim Detman, Leechburg
  16. (2S)        Sam Stile, Charleroi
  17. (7X)        Herman Bertolini, Creighton
  18. (4J)         John Mollick, Toronto, OH
  19. (J4)         John Garvin Jr., Sarver
  20. (15K)     Ray Kroll Sr., Renfrew
  21. (2J)         Mike Johnson, Imperial                
Heat Race Winners: Mike Blose, Jared Miley


  Ferrante Motor Cars Modifieds Feature (25 Laps)

1.      (31)      Jim Weller Jr., Hubbard, OH

2.      (83)      Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg

3.  (66)          JR McGinley, Fairmount City

4. (61)           Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock

5.    (777)     Kevin Bolland, New Brighton

6. (20D)        Del Rougeux Jr., Frenchville

7. (2)              Mark Flick, Apollo

8. (28)           Tom Winkle, Mars

9. (17M)       Skip Moore, Jackson Center

10. (96)         Mike Turner, Butler

11. (38)         Phil Evans, Greensburg

12. (8F)         Doug Fleeger, Butler

13. (45)         Steve Feder, Butler

14. (34)         John Durci, Sarver

15. (71)         Randy Chronister, Slippery Rock

16. (12)         Jeff Steuchel, Apollo

17. (6)           Carl Murdick, Butler

Heat Race Winners: Kevin Bolland, Dave Murdick


Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Feature (15 Laps)

  1. (54)        Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  2. (66)        Joe Kelley, Greensburg
  3. (J19)      Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  4. (3S)        Paul Schreckengost, Creighton
  5. (20J)      Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  6. (87)        Mike Miller, Chicora
  7.  (380)     Pat Hanley, Monroeville
  8. (55L)      Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
  9. (33X)     Greg Beach, Chicora
  10. (30)        Bob Egley, Kittanning
  11. (12)        Shawn Thorn, Murrysville
  12. (13X)     Ryan Moyer, Harmony
  13. (28Y)      Terry Young, Butler
  14. (7)          Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.
  15. (25)        Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  16. (09)        Mike Pegher Jr., Wexford
  17. (4)          Rob Kosecki, Leechburg
  18. (27)        Butch Lambert, Mars
  19. (98)        Carl Keller, Arnold
  20. (1)          Randy Hanovick, Mars
  21. (74)        Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia
  22. (84R)     Todd Puz, Natrona Heights
  23. (52B)     Bill Shipack, Gibsonia
  24. (17X)     Josh Bertolini, Creighton
  25. (5)          Don McClure, Sarver     

Heat Race Winners: Paul Schreckengost, Jason Fosnaught, Butch Lambert

Stover’s Net Connection Hard Charger: Ryan Moyer

Car Counts:

Total: 86

Sprints: 22

Late Models: 22 

Modifieds: 17

Pure Stocks: 25


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