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Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest starts with a BANG! 9.14

Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest starts with a BANG!


By Eric J. Westendorf


Sarver, PA (September 14, 2007) On the first of two exciting nights of the Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest, the long-awaited return of the Enduro division exceeded expectations! With over 100 cars in the field, there was action all over the track. There was no holding back, no points to think about, no worrying about the long term effects to the car, just pure unadulterated racing action!


Andy Sweetland, (#53 of Spartansburg), looked like Alex Ferree in his Ford Probe, running high, low, anywhere he wanted to go. He took the lead early in the event, was never seriously challenged, and lapped every car in the field. This was not Sweetland’s first Enduro race or Victory at Lernerville. According to Sweetland, he ran Enduro races at Lernerville back when they were an annual event.


Due to the unique scoring of the event, it is difficult to get an accurate read on the full results, but it is believed that he was at least 2-3 laps ahead of the second place car. The driver of that car was Keith Sherwin, (#6K of Parker). Kerry Jackson, (#55 of New Kensington), finished third, followed by Bobby Watt, (#2W of Latrobe) in fourth. Last night’s quick results credited the #55P of Bruce Pivirotto with third place, but in actuality, it was indeed Kerry Jackson in the straight #55.


The fifth place car was driven by a name familiar to Lernerville fans; Chris Schneider, (driving the #5S from Tarentum). Chris had been a regular in the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock division before moving up to the Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Model division last season. He raced a limited schedule in his #55 Late Model this season to concentrate on the chassis building end of his racing obsession. Most Friday Nights, Chris was in the pits helping drivers in SS Chassis Pure Stocks with set up and visiting his drivers in Victory Lane. In fact, every driver with an SS Chassis at Lernerville has won a race either this season or last.


The rest of the Enduro 100 Top Ten looked like this; (81M) Chris McNany, Emlenton; (07)Dave English, Tarentum; (20R) Ryan Redmond, Freeport; (66) Ron Hein, North Hills; and (2C) Brandon Crowell, Tarentum.


If the name Crowell looks familiar, Brandon is the son of #1 Cochran’s Jack Crowell, longtime sponsor of Late Model driver Lynn Geisler and supporter of the Lernerville Speedway. Jack himself, entered and raced in the Enduro 100, but broke down on the back straightaway half way through the event.


Before the Enduros took over the Action Track, both the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks and the UMP Modifieds ran their qualifying races for tomorrow’s feature events.


In Pure Stock competition, Paul Schreckengost, (#3S of Creighton), Joe Kelley, (#66 of Greensburg), and Butch Lambert, (#27 of Mars) won their respective heat races. The top four cars of each heat race qualified for a spot in one of the two, six-car dashes. The results of the dash set the starting grid for the first six rows of Saturday’s 30-lap, $2000 to win Pure Stock Pandemonium Feature event. The finishing order of the first dash set up the inside row, the second heat setting up the outside row.


Tomorrow’s starting grid for Pure Stock Pandemonium will look like this:

(row) (inside/outside)

1 - Butch Lambert/Mike Pegher Jr.

2 - Paul Schreckengost/Joe Kelley

3 - Shawn Thorn/Bob Egley

4 - Jake Ayers/Wayne Carbo

5 - Terry Young/Jim Fosnaught

6 - John McCann/Bob Lipinski


The UMP Modified heat races were won by Larry Walters, (#04 of Evans City), and Russ Dunn, (#47 of Fenelton). Butch Lambert,(#27 of Mars), who will start on the pole for the Pure Stock Pandemonium feature, is running double duty this weekend by also running his UMP Mod. He finished third in the first UMP Modifieds heat race and will be looking to make two trips to Victory lane Saturday Night!


Also slated for Saturday Night are Mod Lites and a Demo Derby, each racing for $500-to-win.



Race Results

313 N. Pike Road Sarver, PA 16055

Phone (724) 353-1511 Fax (724) 353-2650




Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Heat Race #1 (10 Laps)

  1. (3S)     Paul Schreckengost, Creighton
  2. (09)      Mike Pegher Jr., Warrendale
  3. (28Y)   Terry Young, Butler
  4. (J19)    Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  5. (2)        Dave Baker, Elderton
  6. (02)      Joseph Heinl, Prospect
  7. (25)      Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  8. (1)        Randy Hanovick, Mars
  9. (5)        Don McClure, Sarver
  10. (11X)   Ed Emerick, Sarver

Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Heat Race #2 (10 Laps)

  1. (66)      Joe Kelley, Greensburg
  2. (12)      Shawn Thorn, Murrysville
  3. (54)      Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  4. (12M)  John McCann, Ford City
  5. (13X)   Ryan Moyer, Harmony
  6. (92)      Bobby Hein, Allison Park
  7. (74)      Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia
  8. (7)        Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.
  9. (29)      Mike Gilliland, Portersville

Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Heat Race #3 (10 Laps)

1.      (27)       Butch Lambert, Mars

2.      (30)       Bob Egley, Kittanning

3.      (4)         Jake Ayers, Elkton, MD

4.      (55L)    Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh

5.      (77S)     Bryan Shaffer, New Castle

6.      (20J)     Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford

7.      (56)       Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington

8.      (9R)      Roger Stivenson, Freeport

9.      (3)         Sid Haas, Sarver


Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Dash #1 (6 Laps)

1.      (27)  Butch Lambert, Mars

2.      (3S)  Paul Schreckengost, Sarver

3.      (12)  Shawn Thorn, Murrysville

4.      (4)    Jake Ayers, Elkton, MD

5.      (28Y)Terry Young, Butler

6.      (12M)John McCann, Ford City


Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Dash #2 (6 Laps)

1.      (09)  Mike Pegher Jr., Warrendale

2.      (66)  Joe Kelly, Greensburg

3.      (30)  Bob Egley, Kittanning

4.      (54)  Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg

5.      (J19)Jason Fosnaught, Creighton

6.      (55L)Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh


UMP Modifieds Heat #1 (10 Laps)

1.      (04)      Larry Walters, Evans City

2.      (16)      Justin Carlson, Sherman, NY

3.      (27)      Butch Lambert, Mars

4.      (68)      Tim Engles, Franklin

5.      (L13)   Rod Lanham, Bruceton Mills, WV

6.      (13D)   Shawn Donhoff, Harmony

7.      (14)      Scott Stiffler, Farmdale, OH

8.      (5)        Rick Meglaye, Greensburg


UMP Modifieds Heat #2 (10 Laps)

1.      (47)      Russ Dunn Fenelton

2.      (18)      Jeff Walters, Evans City

3.      (7)        Shaun Scheerbaum, Evans City

4.      (2M)    Herm Myers, Harmony

5.      (D0)     Brian Douglas, Painesville Twp., OH

6.      (47S)   Chad Silleman, South Dayton, NY

7.      (1D)     Jared Domhoff, Harmony

8.      (76)      Mike Errett, Greensburg, DNS


Enduro 100 Race

1.      (53) Andy Sweetland, Spartansburg

2.      (6K) Keith Sherwin, Parker

3.      (55) Kerry Jackson, New Kensington

4.      (2W) Bobby Watt, Latrobe

5.      (5S) Chris Schneider, Tarentum

6.      (81M) Chris McNany, Emlenton

7.      (07)Dave English, Tarentum

8.      (20R) Ryan Redmond, Freeport

9.      (66) Ron Hein, North Hills

10.  (2C) Brandon Crowell, Tarentum

  1. (224) Frank Chinbchin
  2. (12) J.R. Josept Adams
  3. (44) John Severn
  4. (28L) Russell Livingston
  5. (37) Aaron Fraser
  6. (06) Greg Shoop Jr.
  7. (26Z) Ed Zimmerman
  8. (C04) Dave Seibert
  9. (C13) Michael Roberts
  10. (13) Jeff Seibert
  11. (20L) Lance Carson
  12. (1W) Bob Watt
  13. (69G) Jeff Gillette
  14. (101) Stan Himelinski
  15. (30) Glen Knopp Jr.
  16. (78) John Bauer
  17. (7CJ) C.J. Loeffler
  18. (17R) Junior Radvansky
  19. (13s) Chris Schibik
  20. (11) Brent Truitt

Car Counts:


Pure Stocks: 28

UMP Mods: 16

Enduro: 103




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