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Chub Frank Shines the Brightest on Stars of NASCAR Night. Schrader charges to fifth, Stewart DNFs. 8.16

Chub Frank Shines the Brightest on Stars of NASCAR Night.  Schrader charges to fifth, Stewart DNFs.

By Eric J. Westendorf

Sarver, PA (August 16, 2007) On a night that was headlined by NASCAR Stars Tony Stewart and Kenny Schrader, it was a World of Outlaws Late Model Series Driver who stole the show!  When all the dust settled and the engines went silent on the #1 Cochran Stars of NASCAR Night, an exhausted Chub Frank was waving the checkered flag in Victory Lane.  Frank, a World of Outlaws Late Model Series regular, led just the last six laps, but only the last lap counts!  Amazingly, he finished the race without power steering, but you would never have known it as a casual observer.  Frank battled Robbie Blair for many laps for second place, then eventually for the lead, but once out front he pulled away from Blair on his way to a $3000 payday!


 Kenny Schrader, running a Chub Frank car, charged from 21st to a fifth place finish after qualifying into the feature through the B-main.  Schrader was forced to run the B-main after finishing one position out of a transfer in a stacked heat race that was won by Stewart, but also featured David Scott, Matt Lux, Dave Hess Jr., and Keith Barbara.  The B-main route to the feature resulted in a less than desirable starting position, but being the patient, steady driver he is, Schrader managed to avoid the trouble and attrition while making his way forward.  He was running as high as fourth late in the race before settling for fifth. 


Tony Stewart started 11th and was making his way towards the top five when his car slowed in turns one and two bringing out a caution on lap 22.  He pulled the car into the pits, but came back out and tailed the field.  He faced stiff two-wide traffic and while trying to pull a high-low move in turns three and four, Stewart made heavy contact with John Britsky causing wrecker-worthy damage to the front end, bringing Stewart’s night to an end at lap 23.  He was officially scored in the 18th position. Tony Stewart and Kenny Schrader also squeezed in an interview and meet & greet with fans on the front stretch between UMP Modified heat races.  10 lucky fans selected by ticket draw at the track, 5 winners from a radio contest on “Pittsburgh’s Best Country Y-108”, and a dozen fans from the Official NASCAR Members Club Pittsburgh Chapter got to shake hands, speak to, and get pictures taken with the NASCAR superstars! 


Local driver David “Slow Ride” Scott started alongside Robbie Blair on the front row, and took the lead at the green flag and every ensuing restart after caution.  Using the high line around the Action Track, Scott, who made his Lernerville debut in his own brand new car, seemed destined to drive all the way to Victory Lane.  Unfortunately for Scott, the car drifted a bit too high in turn two on lap 24 opening the door for Robbie Blair to rocket into the lead from the low side.  Scott’s car came to a stop in turn four bringing out a caution.  He continued, but had to tail the field.   


Robbie Blair, who had been dueling with Chub Frank for second place for many laps, was now out front, and the battle continued for the lead.  Frank tried a handful of lines, high, low, slide jobs, and big runs off of turn two, but could not find a way around Blair until the final yellow flag flew on lap 30.  A four car pile-up collected Dave Hess Jr., “Kid Rocket” Josh Richards, early leader David Scott and Dave Satterlee.  Frank used the final restart to blast past Blair on the high side and pull away to victory.  Blair did hold on, however, to finish second behind Frank.  Scott did not continue after the melee and was credited with 14th place. 


Local driver Gary Lyle, currently second in the Lernerville/Budweiser points race, avoided the carnage and cautions in the 35 lap feature and finished an impressive third place.


 Dave Satterlee started 12th, and hung around the top 10 most of the race until getting caught up in the lap 30 pile-up in turn one.  He stopped under the yellow and had to tail the field.  Fortunately for Satterlee, attrition had narrowed the field to just 10 cars for the six lap dash to the checkers.  He finally found his groove in those last six laps and passed Ken Schrader on the last lap to finish fourth, relegating Schrader to fifth. 


2007 Lernerville Speedway Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Model Track Champion Alex Ferree ran in the top five for much of the race, running as high as second place at one point, but slowed on lap 23 and rolled into the pits.  He was officially scored in 19th place. Heat races were won by Tony Stewart, Doug Horton, Greg Satterlee and Josh Richards.  Kenny Schrader and Boom Briggs won the two B-Mains.  Robbie Blair was the fast qualifier with a lap of 15.413 seconds around the Sarver 4/10 mile oval. 


“Double Duty” Dave Hess Jr. won the UMP Modified feature in addition to finishing 15th in the Late Model feature.  He led the UMP feature from start to finish staying safely ahead of a plethora of cautions.  He also won his UMP heat race. Jacob Hawkins was running second and appeared to have a car to eventually challenge Hess for the lead, but faded on the lap six restart and went off into the pits on lap seven.  He was officially scored a disappointing 23rd. 


Hess was momentarily and simultaneously challenged by Jason Brookover and Mike Basich, but the side by side racing allowed Hess to pull away.  Then on lap 13, Basich’s car took a sudden and violent turn right entering turn four resulting in heavy contact with the wall and a disappointing end to his night.  He was scored 18th.  Brookover finished the race fourth. Evan Taylor was running fourth when the white flag flew, but zoomed past Brookover and Richard Michael Jr. to finish second.  Michael got around Brookover on the last lap for a third place finish.  Junior Nolan rounded out the top five after starting in 15th place. UMP Heat races were won by Dave Hess Jr., Evan Taylor and Jason Brookover. 


The Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Models will be back in action tonight, Friday August 17th for the next to last night of Fab Four Racing along with the Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints, Ferrante Motor Cars Modifieds and Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks.

8/16/2007Time Trials

  1. (W11)    Robbie Blair, Titusville                                    15.413                  
  2. (99B)     Boom Briggs, Bear Lake                 15.757
  3. (17)        Keith Barbara, Pittsburgh                             15.770
  4. (46)        Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV             15.786
  5. (22)        Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills                 15.788
  6. (1R)        Josh Richards, Shinston, WV                       15.808  
  7. (20)        Tony Stewart, Rushville, IN                          15.816  
  8. (79)        Dave Saterlee, Rochester Mills                  15.852
  9. (1*)        Chub Frank, Bear Lake                                   15.880
  10. (4)          Alex Ferree, Saxonburg                                                15.898
  11. (3)          David Scott, Garland                                       15.933
  12. (B22)     Bump Hedman, Sugar Grove                      15.942
  13. (37)        Jared Hawkins, Fairmont, WV                     16.035
  14. (40)        Dutch Davies, Warren                                    16.045
  15. (21)        Matt Lux, Franklin                                            16.054
  16. (2J)         Mike Johnon, Imperial                                   16.064
  17. (1C)        Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.                     16.079
  18. (88)        Chuck Sarver, West Sunbury                       16.132
  19. (44)        Dave Hess Jr., Waterford                              16.134
  20. (T8)        Mark Banal. St. Clairsville, OH                     16.140
  21. (H1)       Jared Miley, South Park                                                16.141
  22. (18)        John Britsky, Indiana                                      16.164
  23. (97)        Ben Satterlee, Rochester Mills                   16.167
  24. (10)        Gary Lyle, Hyde Park                                      16.222
  25. (5)          Mike Blose, Dayton                                         16.262                  
  26. (2S)        Sam Stile, Charleroi                                         16.309
  27. (1S)        Ken Schrader, Fenton, MO                          16.345
  28. (9K)        Mike Knight, Ripley, NY                 16.394
  29. (28C)     Clate Copeman, Greensburg                      16.463  
  30. (66)        Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights               16.465
  31. (3)          Dan Swartzlander, Freeport                        16.475
  32. (29)        Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver                          16.532
  33. (33)        Bernie Whiteford, Hastings                         16.697
  34. (11L)      Mark Ferguson, Uniontown                        16.758
  35. (J4)         John Garvin Jr., Sarver                                   16.812
  36. (7X)        Herman Bertolini, Creighton                       17.802
  37. (65H)     Matt Hugill, Hastings                                       18.216
  38. (44F)      Adam Fulton, Johnstown                             18.469
  39. (1J)         Jimmie Pitkavish, Tarentum                        18.565
  40. (01)        Doug Ricotta, Warsaw, NY                           18.626

 Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Models Feature (35 Laps)

1.       (1*)              Chub Frank, Bear Lake

2.       (W11)          Robbie Blair, Titusville

3.       (10)               Gary Lyle, Hyde Park

4.       (79)               Dave Satterlee, Rochester Mills

5.       (1S)               Ken Schrader, Fenton, MO

6.       (46)               Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV

7.       (H1)              Jared Miley, South Park

8.       (1C)              Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.

9.       (88)               Chuck Sarver, West Sunbury

10.   (99B)            Boom Briggs, Bear Lake

11.   (2J)               Mike Johnson, Imperial

12.   (22)               Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills

13.   (1R)              Josh Richards, Shinston, WV

14.   (3)                 David Scott, Garland

15. (44)                Dave Hess Jr., Waterford

16. (37J)              Jared Hawkins, Fairmont, WV

17. (18)                John Britsky, Indiana

18. (20)                Tony Stewart, Rushville, IN

19. (4)                  Alex Ferree, Saxonburg

20. (21)               Matt Lux, Franklin

21. (9K)                Mike Knight, Ripley, NY

22. (B22)             Darrell Bossard, Centerville

23. (17)                Keith Barbara, Pittsburgh

24. (40  )              Dutch Davies, Warren   

Heat Race Winners: Greg Satterlee, Josh Richards, Tony Stewart, Doug Horton

B-Mains: Ken Schrader, Boom Briggs 

E- Modified Feature (15 Laps)

1.       (44)        Dave Hess Jr., Waterford

2.       (7E)        Evan Taylor, Saltsburg

3.       (17X)     Richard Michael Jr., Ischua, NY

4.       (28B)     Jason Brookover, Washington, WV

5.       (13N)     Junior Nolan, St. Clairsville, OH

6.       (221)      Russ Dunn, Fenelton

7.       (16)        Justin Carlson, Panama, NY

8.       (04)        Larry Walters, Evans City

9.       (3JR)      Kyle Scott, Garland

10.   (18)        Jeff Walters, Evans City

11.   (27)        Butch Lambert, Mars

12.   (13D)     Shawn Domhoff, Harmony

13.   (18C)     Nick Cramer, Latrobe

14.   (76)        Dana Wellington, Russell

15.   (1L)        Jared Domhoff, Harmony

16.   (2M)      Herm Myers, Harmony

17.   (8B)        Joe Betz, West Sunbury

18.   (71M)    Mike Basich, Adena, OH

19.   (5)  Jonathan Tylor, Saltsburg

20.   (114)      Dennis Perigo, Stoystown

21.   (222)      Gary Eicher, McKean

22.   (38C)     Josh Cramer, Greensburg

23.   37J)        Jacob Hawkins, Fairmont, WV

24.   (71C)     Chris Basich, Adena, OH

25.   (7)  Shaun Scheerbaum, Evans City         

Heat Race Winners: Evan Taylor, Dave Hess Jr., Jason Brookover 


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