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Tim Shaffer continues Action Track Dominance! Lynch sets quick time, George, Bowser and Kuriger win heats Chris Schneider and Guy Griffin also victorious 9.2

Tim Shaffer continues Action Track Dominance!

Lynch sets quick time, George, Bowser and Kuriger win heats

Chris Schneider and Guy Griffin also victorious


September 2, 2011 (Sarver, PA) The All Star Circuit of Champion Sprints rolled into the Action Track, headlined by a triumvirate of former Lernerville Track Champions; Tim Shaffer, Dale Blaney and Danny Holtgraver.  The Ti22 Sprints were also well represented as Ed Lynch Jr. set quick time, Carl Bowser and Dan Kuriger each won heat races, last week’s feature winner Andy McKisson won the B-Main and Rod George scored a top five feature finish after winning his heat race.


Despite a bevy of wild and dynamic flips in both the B-Main and A-Main, (including Dale Blaney while running third late in the race of the A-Main), Tim Shaffer put on a show for the hometown crowd, stealing the win away from upstart David Gravel on a late race restart to score his third major win at Lernerville Speedway in four attempts in the last calendar year.


Shaffer won this same event last September, then scored his second career Silver Cup against the World of Outlaws this summer.  His roll continued Friday Night, winning the $5,000 All Star Circuit of Champions A-Main.  Shaffer’s only miss in the past year at his home track was last year’s Commonwealth Clash where he finished third.


Ed Lynch Jr. started the night by setting quick time during time trials at 12.972 seconds, followed by Jessica Zemken, David Gravel, Danny Holtgraver and Tim Shaffer. 


Heat race competition followed with three locals taking the checkers; Carl Bowser, Rod George and Dan Kuriger.  Lee Jacobs won the other heat in the “Ferkel Circle.”  Last week’s feature winner Andy McKisson won the B-Main ahead of both Kevin Schaeffer in third and Brent Matus in fourth.


Come feature time, it looked like David Gravel was going to spoil the local dominance of the program as he took the lead at the drop of the green flag, from the outside pole alongside Ed Lynch Jr.  Gravel would lead all the way until the final red flag of the night flew for third place runner Dale Blaney, whom went sailing off the apex of turns three & four and landed in the catch fence between the race track and the pit grandstands.


But the final restart was the break Tim Shaffer needed, as he threw the Call-Holbrook Motorsports #83 low and hard into turns one & two, taking the lead away from Gravel.  Once at the point, Shaffer is nearly unstoppable and he quickly checked out for another big win at the Action Track, his second straight win in this event.


David Gravel held on to finish second ahead of Greg Wilson in third and Danny Smith in fourth.  Rod George led the Ti22 Sprints with a stellar fifth place finish after battling Danny Smith for most of the race.  Danny Holtgraver recovered from an early spin and caution in turns three & four to finish sixth ahead of Brian Ellenberger in seventh, Andy McKisson in eighth (after starting 22nd on the starting grid), Ed Lynch Jr. in ninth and All Star regular Rob Chaney in fifth.


The opening lap of the A-Main was marred by a spectacular crash including Cole Duncan and Eric Williams flipping wildly.  Williams’ car landed on Duncan’s car.  Duncan, though unharmed, was trapped in his car for several minutes under the upside down #7W of Williams.  Carl Bowser, Jessica Zemken and Brian Ellenberger were also involved and/or stopped on the track near the scene; Bowser and Ellenberger returned to Action.  Then midrace, Ed Lynch Jr. spun out due to a flat left rear, collecting Cap Henry whom flipped trying to avoid him.  And as mentioned above, Dale Blaney took a fast and violent ride off turns three & four, landing in the catch fence.   The carnage actually began in the B-Main when Dan Shetler and Scott Priester touched tires, sending Priester down towards the back pit entrance where he hit a tree.  Yes a tree!  A few laps later, Lindsay Enscoe made heavy contact with the front wall, sending her upside down.  All drivers walked away unharmed.


The ever loyal and true Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman put on another sensational race as Chris Schneider battled and eventually passed early leader Corey McPherson for his third win of the 2011 season.  There were several laps where McPherson and Schneider exchanged the lead at opposite ends of the track, including the final two laps.  But in the end, Schneider’s experience and patience paid off as he passed McPherson for a final time in turns one & two and shut the door on McPherson’s favored inside groove of turns three & four to secure the win.


Behind McPherson in second was Mike Miller in third, Joe Kelley in fourth and a resurgent Wayne Carbo in fifth.  Rounding out the Pic-A-Part Top Ten were Pat Hanley, Andy Klingensmith, Greg Beach, Rob Shook and Jim Fosnaught.  Shook, Kelley and Miller were all victorious during heat race competition.


Before all the wild and wooly action in the All Star Sprint and Pic-A-Part Sportsman features was the Lernerville Speedway debut of the 305 Sprint Warriors.  Polesitter Guy Griffin was just flat out dominant, leading all 15 laps and never seriously challenged.  Justin Whitesell, Rob Felix, Adam Anderson and Dennis Wagner scored top fives.  Heats were checkered by Whitesell and Felix.



All Star Circuit of Champions/Ti22 Sprint Feature (30 Laps)

1. (83) Tim Shaffer- Aliquippa
2. (89G) David Gravel- Watertown, CT
3. (W20) Greg Wilson- Benton Ridge, OH
4. (4) Danny Smith- Chillicothe, OH
5. (4G) Rod George- Kittanning
6. (D4) Danny Holtgraver- Pittsburgh
7. (20E) Brian Ellenberger- Butler
8. (O)Lee Jacobs- Tiffin, OH
9. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.- Apollo
10. (45) Rob Chaney- Millersburg, OH
11. (21N) Andy Priest- New Castle
12. (10) Carl Bowser- Sarver
13. (9) Kevin Schaeffer- Kittanning
14. (0X) Andy McKisson- Strattanville
15. (33) Brent Matus- Wampum
16. (2) Dale Blaney- Hartford, OH
17. (5) Jac Haudenschild, Wooster, OH
18. (04) Cap Henry- Bellevue, OH
19. (08) Dan Kuriger- Freedom
20. (23) Jimmy Light- Erie
21. (5T) Travis Philo- Toledo, OH
22. (8) Cole Duncan- Lockbourne, OH
23. (7W) Eric Williams- Greenville
24. (1Z) Jessica Zemken- Sprakers, NY
Heat Race Winners: Carl Bowser, Rod George, Lee Jacobs, Dan Kuriger

Dash Winner: Ed Lynch Jr.

B-Main Winner: Andy McKisson

Time Trial Results: (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.- 12.972, (1Z) Jessica Zemkin- 12.995, (89G) David Gravel- 13.079, (D4) Danny Holtgraver- 13.137, (83) Tim Shaffer- 13.233, (2) Dale Blaney- 13.253, (45) Rob Chaney- 13.255, (0X) Andy McKission- 13.259, (04) Cap Henry- 13.270, (4) Danny Smith- 13.280, (W20) Greg Wilson- 13.296, (5) Jac Haudenschild- 13.299, (8) Cole Duncan- 13.381, (4G) Rod George-13.384, (7) Eric Williams- 13.446, (21N) Andy Priest- 13.454, (10) Carl Bowser- 13.469, (20E) Brian Ellenberger- 13.516, (22S) Brandon Spithaler- 13.590, (08) Dan Kuriger- 13.668, (9) Kevin Schaffer- 13.677, (23) Jimmy Light- 13.686, (0) Lee Jacobs- 13.692, (5T) Travis Philo- 13.779, (7K) Dan Shettler- 13.892, (33) Brent Matus- 14.046, (96) Lindsey Enscoe- 14.245, (5V) Vern Wasson- 14.355, (13) Brandon Matus- 14.363, (15) Scott Priester- 14.441, (4K) Bill Kiley- 14.571, (3) Pete Miller- 14.606, (1R) Gale Ruth- 14.818, DNS: (12) Jared Ridge


Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)

  1. (55S) Chris Schneider- Springdale
  2. (C33) Corey McPherson- Tarentum
  3. (81) Mike Miller- Chicora
  4. (66) Joe Kelley- Mt. Pleasant
  5. (54) Wayne Carbo- Saxonburg
  6. (380) Pat Hanley- Monroeville
  7. (47) Andy Klingensmith- Delmont
  8. ( 33X) Greg Beach- Greece City
  9. (53) Rob Shook- Creighton
  10. (20J) Jim Fosnaught- Bairdford
  11. (10) Tyler Dietz- Saxonburg
  12. (25) Brett McDonald- Saxonburg
  13. (32) Mark Sanders- Lowellville, OH
  14. (29B) Scott Byers- Butler
  15. (1K) Gary Koteles- Finleyville
  16. (3S) Paul Schreckengost- Creighton
  17. (07) Jamey Hayden- New Kensington
  18. (12M) John McCann- Ford City
  19. (19) Scott Bowman- Murrysville
  20. (64K) Craig Koteles- Finleyville
  21. (8C) Fred Casagni- Vandergrift
DNS: (15E) Ed Emerick- Gibsonia

DNS: (21) Jeff Miller- Natrona Heights

DNS: (28Y) Terry Young- Butler

DNS: (2) A.J. Flick- Apollo

Heat Race Winners: Rob Shook, Joe Kelley, Mike Miller



305 Sprint Warrior Feature (15 Laps)

  1. (11) Guy Griffin- Greenville
  2. (17) Justin Whitesell- Austin, OH
  3. (21) Rob Felix- Finleyville
  4. (5B) Adam Anderson- Meadville
  5. (38) Dennis Wagner- Pulaski
  6. (27) Skip Dougherty- Fairmount City  
  7. (14G) Dean Ruth- Pleasantville
  8. (35) Michael Bauer- Clarion
  9. (16) Jimmy Morris- Hartford, OH
  10. (99X) Steve Lucas- Sarver
  11. (5) Bob McMillan- Wampum
  12. (72J) Jacob Lagestee- West Middlesex
  13. (9) Harold Braden Jr.- New Castle
Heat Race Winners: Justin Whitesell, Rob Felix


Car Count Total: 72

All Star/Ti22 Sprints: 34

Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman: 25

305 Sprint Warriors: 13




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Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

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