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Invader Rusty Martz claims top prize at Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Family Fun Fest by claiming $2,000 Sportsman/Stock Spectacular! McDonald, Bauman, Noland, Crynock, Seibert and Kids also win! 9.17

Invader Rusty Martz claims top prize at Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Family Fun Fest by claiming $2,000 Sportsman/Stock Spectacular!

McDonald, Bauman, Noland, Crynock, Seibert and Kids also win!


September 18, 2011 (Sarver, PA) The Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman/Stock division took center stage last night during Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Family Fun Fest.  But it wasn’t 2011 Track Champion Mike Miller, All Time division wins leader Joe Kelley, 2011 wins leader Chris Schneider or 2009 Rookie of the Year Corey McPherson that celebrated another win Sheetz Victory Lane.  Instead, Central PA invader Rusty Martz, winner of this event in 2008 and winner of the Inaugural DIRTcar Round Up Steel City Stampede Sportsman/Stock feature in 2009, took his third big money checkered flag at the Action Track!  Despite just running the big Sportsman/Stock shows at the Action Track, Martz definitely knows his way around the 4/10-mile Sarver Speedplant!


Martz was fast right out of the box, setting quick time in his qualifying group, winning his heat race and again in the feature where he passed Corey McPherson for the lead on lap 10.  A handful of cautions would follow, but on each restart, Martz took the outside pole for the restart and rocketed off the top of turn four to solid restarts.  McPherson continually challenged Martz on the bottom of turns one & two to a brief lead, only to see Martz power off turn two and down the back straightaway to maintain the lead.  This went on for 11 laps, until lap 21 when Chris Schneider took second place.  McPherson’s tire started to go flat and he was shuffled back outside the top five, and eventually retired early on lap 26 to finish a disappointing 18th.


The battle for the lead continued with Martz on the highside and Schneider challenging on the bottom and middle grooves, but the SS Chassis guru and leader in divisions wins in 2011 could not find a way to get around Martz who cruised to Sheetz Victory Lane for a $2,000 payday and his third feature win in big money Sportsman/Stock division events at the Action Track.  Martz will likely be back in October for the DIRTcar Round Up Steel City Stampede!


Chris Schneider chased Martz to the checkered flag to finish second.  2011 Budweiser Track Champion Mike Miller raced home third ahead of Joe Kelley in fourth and Rob Shook in fifth.  Kelley came from the tail of the field to finish fourth after pitting on lap eight.  The Sportsman/Stock Spectacular top ten rounded out with Jeff Walters, Greg Beach, AJ Flick, Ryan Moyer and Brett McDonald.  Moyer had previously won B-Main #1 and came from 21st on the starting grid to score an impressive top ten finish, while Brett McDonald went on to win the non-winner’s feature. 


Earlier in the evening, Rob Shook set fast time during group qualifying with a best lap of 19.885 seconds.  Corey McPherson was the only other driver to break the 20 second barrier.  His best lap was 19.938.  Heat races were checkered by Joe Kelley, Rusty Martz, Mike Miller and Rob Shook.  A fan redraw put Corey McPherson on the pole for the dash.  McPherson won that dash and started on the pole for the feature.


In other competition, Action Track prep crew member Jarred Bauman won the School Bus feature over Sam Duncan of Duncan Towing, a regular member of the Lernerville tow truck team. 


Veteran driver Glenn Noland won an exciting, but uneventful Figure 8 race and went on to lead most of the 100-lap Enduro.  Noland jumped the cushion in three & four somewhere around lap 70 to forfeit the lead.  He would return, but was multiple laps down and finished outside the top five. 


Paul J. Crynock III won the Enduro, followed by Keith Sherwin, Tim Gillette, Dave Seibert Jr. and Cody McNaughton. 


Don Seibert held on to win the Demolition Derby over Bob Sweitzer and Jeremy Rybarick.


Over 100 kids also took to the Action Track for the always popular Kid’s Bike races.  Trophies were awarded to the winners by Ms. Firecracker 2011 Samantha McCullough and every one in competition received a ribbon for their finishing position.


We’ll be back in action next Saturday Night, September 24 for the World of Outlaws Commonwealth Clash, then take a few weeks off to prepare for the Third Annual DIRTcar Round Up Steel City Stampede on Thursday-Friday-Saturday, October 20-21-22. 


Tickets for the $10,000-to-win Commonwealth Clash are on sale now by clicking the “Buy Tickets!” icon at www.Lernerville.com or by calling the speedway office at (724) 353-1511 during normal business hours.  All advance ticket purchases will include a FREE pit pass upgrade!



Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman/Stock Spectacular (30 Laps):

  1. (16M) Rusty Martz, Brookville
  2. (55) Chris Schneider, Creighton
  3. (81) Mike Miller, Chicora
  4. (66) Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
  5. (53) Rob Shook, Creighton
  6. (35) Jeff Walters, Evans City
  7. (33X) Greg Beach, Greece City
  8. (2) A.J. Flick, Apollo
  9. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Portersville
  10. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  11. (60) Jeff Taylor, Corsica
  12. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  13. (380) Pat Hanley, Monroeville
  14. (12M) John McCann, Ford City
  15. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler
  16. (9X) Paul Schreckengost, Corry
  17. (960) Gary Luzier, Luthersburg
  18. (C33) Corey McPherson, Tarentum
  19. (48) Ray Hickock, Commadore
  20. (3S) Paul Schreckengost, Creighton
  21. (71) Greg Genno, Corry
  22. (77) Chad O’ Brien, Strattanville
  23. (92) Bobby Heim, Allison Park
  24. (19) Scott Bowman, Murrysville
  25. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  26. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
Heat Race Winners: Joe Kelley, Rusty Martz, Mike Miller, Rob Shook

Dash Winner: Corey McPherson

B-Main Winners: Ryan Moyer, Chad O’Brian


Millerstown Pick-A-Part DIRTcar Non-Winners Race (10 Laps):

  1. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  2. (528) Dwight C. Boice, Prospect
  3. (12M) John McCann, Ford City
  4. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  5. (32) Mark Sanders, Lowellville OH

School Bus Feature:

  1. (69) Jarred Bauman, Sarver
  2. (79) Sam Duncan, Kittanning
  3. (66) Bryan Caro, Sarver
Figure 8 Winner:

  1. (911) Glen Nolan
  2. (81) David Smail, Vandergrift
  3. (C04) Dave Siebert, Gibsonia
  4. (27) Ray Siebert, Gibsonia

September 17, 2011


  1. OO Paul J. Crynock III
  2. 6K Keith Sherwin
  3. 43  Tim Gillette
  4. C04 Dave Seibert Jr.
  5. 2M  Cody McNaughton
  6. 13A Aaron Treshak
  7. 227 Jeffrey Barricella
  8. 98  Steve Ace
  9. 18D Marc Deal
  10. 224 Robert Hixenbaugh
  11. 30G James Gaj
  12. 36  David Skowralow
  13. 7    Thomas Meanor
  14. 33N Tim Lubiniecki
  15. 34  Glen Noland
  16. 3s  Chuck Crawford
  17. 33D Derek Wissinger
  18. 23c  Chris Potocnak
  19. K5 Kevin Wranich
  20. 243  Justin Phillippi
  21. 33  Jim Godber
  22. 13J   Jay Swager
  23. 20  Kyle Svitek
  24. 88  David Collings
  25. 33L  Levi Maskal
  26. 33Harris   Jim Walter Jr.
  27. 39F  Allen Foster
  28. 83    Jordan Hoover
  29. 27  Ray Seibert
  30. 3    Doug McMillen
  31. 29  Justin Meyers
  32. 66  Michael Baker
  33. 11 Don Vernier
  34. 516  Chad Brandt
  35. 23J  Jeremy Potocnak
  36. J22  Joe Norris
  37. 13  Daniel Kisiel
  38. 33A Austin Clinton
  39. 5    Dan Gilbert
  40. 23Z Kyle Zuffuto
  41. 18s Frank Schmiedlin III
  42. 18  Harry Wolfe
  43. 15X Curtis Peters
  44. 7  Pat Crawford
  45. L13 Billy Henderson
  46. 25  Louis Morris
  47. 77R Eric Riegler
  48. 112 Dan Zimmerman
  49. 18B Greg Borczyk
  50. 212 Jeremy Reed
  51. 28  Joe Yakich - DNS    

Demolition Derby Winner:

  1. (4) Don Seibert
  2. (333) Bob Sweitzer
  3. (2) Jeremy Rybarick

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