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Crynock endures for $1,000

Paul Crynock endures to score $1,000, Hilla, Murphy, Iarrapino & Gaj also win


Sarver, PA (September 16, 2012) The Action Track became a Family Fun center Saturday Night as the “Back to School” Bus and Kids Bike races played to a big crowd of families, including those cheering for their children racing bikes and those rooting for their family members behind the wheel of an Enduro or Demo Derby Car; and everybody loves the School Bus races!  In easily the most competitive bus races in quite a few years, Jarred Buaman debuted the Lightning McQueen bus, Sam Duncan rolled out Buszilla and Jordan Myers reintroduced a new & improved AJ Myers & Sons 007 bus; formerly the Terminator.  As always, the Frank & Rosie Spithaler had the tail waggin’ on the Cow Patty bus.  The Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Senior Series was also on the card.  The Sheetz Victory Lane celebration started with dozens of kids celebrating bike race wins, then a familiar site; the Fosnaught #20J Sportsman/Stock returned to Sheetz Victory Lane with team member Mike Hilla Jr. behind the wheel.


Hilla, who stated in Sheetz Victory Lane that he helps securing sponsorship on the #20J, won the Senior Series heat race, but needed the assistance of a late race caution for debris and a green-white-checkered restart to beat a stout Sid Haas who had run away with the first 18 laps of the PCTC Senior Series feature.  Hilla had a great restart charging off the top of turn four and took the lead down the front straightaway and held off Haas to score the win.  Haas was second in his son Kevin’s #48, scored as Sid’s #3 for the night.  Dwight Boice beat Jeff Miller to the stripe for third and Jack Keihl took the checkers in fifth.  Chip Walsh had to take the courtesy tow truck ride to the pits twice, both in the heat & feature with front suspension damage.


Rob Murphy took the wheel of the #007 AJ Myers & Sons bus and drove to the School Bus feature win over Frank Spithaler in the Cow Patty and Jarred Bauman in the Lightning McQueen bus.  Sam Duncan’s Bus Zilla finished fourth ahead of John Lasher and Joe Norris.  Annette Iarrapino scored her second straight win over Rosie Spithaler in the Powder Puff race ahead of Taylor Retzer, Serena Brandt and Trixie.


Paul Crynock endured 100 laps of chaos and carnage in the Enduro 100 to score the $1,000 win after runaway leader Glenn Noland took heavy front end damage with less than 20 laps from the end of the race.  TJ Meanor, Keith Sherwin, Dan Zimmerman and Brian Topac finished in the money position of the top five.


James Gaj took the last big hit of the Demo Derby but was awarded the win as his was the last car able to move after Bob Schweitzer ended up wedged onto his hood and couldn’t break loose.  Justin Anderson finished third.



Senior Series Sportsman Feature Results:

  1. (20J) Mike Hilla Jr., Bairford
  2. (3) Sid Haas, Sarver
  3. (528) Dwight Boice, Prospect
  4. (21) Jeff Miller, Natrona Heights
  5. (22D) Jack Keihl, Cabot
DNF (1W) Chip Walsh, Mars

Bus Feature Results:

  1. (007) Jordan Myers, Ford City
  2. (008) Frank Spithaler, Evans City
  3. (95) Jarred Bauman, Sarver
  4. (121) Sam Duncan
  5. (88) John Lasher, Templeton
  6. (66) Joe Norris

Powder Puff Feature Results:

  1. (121) Annette Iarropino
  2. (008) Rose Spithaler
  3. (007) Taylor Retzer
  4. (66) Serena Brandt
  5. (88)  Trixie, Parts Unknown
Enduro Top Five Finishers:

  1. (OO) Paul Crynock
  2. (15M) T.J. Meanor
  3. (6K) Keith Sherwin
  4. (112) Dan Zimmerman
  5. (30) Brian Topac

Demolition Derby:

  1. (30G) James Gaj
  2. (333) Bob Schweitzer
  3. (717) Chris Anderson
DNF (53) Shane Sorg, (25) Bob Strap, (Psycho) Rich Ridinger, (54) Dick Storten, (56) Jacob MacRainey


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