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BOSS/Rush Quick Results 7.4

Logan Hupp steals back the BOSS Sprint Feature in turn 4
Chad McClellan and Dave Ponant victorious in Rush Lates and Mods

Sarver, PA (July 4, 2014)  The Lernerville Speedway welcomes the BOSS Wingless Sprints and Rush Late Models & Sportsman Modifieds to the Action Track on Independence Day and all three divisions delivered with thrilling finishes in each respective feature.  Logan Hupp and Chad McClellan had to endure late race cautions to secure victory, while Dave Ponant raced side-by-side with Adam Hilton for almost the entire duration of the 15-Lap Sportsman Modified feature.  As always, thank you to all the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who have served and continue to serve our country to protect our rights and freedoms!  Happy Fourth of July to all!


BOSS Wingless Sprint Feature: (25 Laps)

1.         (2M) Logan Hupp, Columbus, IN

2.         (77) Dustin Smith, Russiaville, IN

3.         (82) Mike Miller, Wapakoneta, OH

4.         (23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr, N. Jackson, OH

5.         (3T) Tony Beaber, Gibsonburg, OH

6.         (4) Michael Fischesser, Cincinnati, OH

7.         (32M) Derek Hastings, Forest, OH

8.         (91X) Aaron Middaugh, Polk, OH

9.         (3J) Johnny Beaber, Gibsonburg, OH

10.       (08) Andy Feil, New Castle

11.       (18) Arnie Kent, New Castle

12.       (24M) Adam Miller, McDonald

13.       (5) Bob McMillan, Wampum

14.       (6RR) Joe Ligouri, Tampa, FL

15.       (31) Chuck Wilson, Perrysburg, OH

16.       (53) Steve Little, Waynesfield, OH

17.       (5X) Gale Ruth, Jr., Pleasantville

18.       (X) Charlie Cornelius, Ellwood City

19.       (14) Chad Wilson, Toledo, OH

20.       (57B) Brandon Spithaler, Evans City

Heat Race Winners: Logan Hupp, Tony Beaber, Mike Miller

B-Main Winner: Johnny Beaber

RUSH Late Model Series Feature: (25 Laps)

1.         (119) Chad McClellan, Stoystown

2.         (12) Ryan Montgomery, Fairmont, WV

3.         (99*) Rick Singleton, Front Royal, VA

4.         (8W) Alan Dellinger, Hermitage

5.         (27W) Eric Wilson, Cortland, OH

6.         (71L) Dennis Lunger, Albion

7.         (11L) John Waters, Whitesville, NY

8.         (38) Josh Double, Bristolville, OH

9.         (11R) Bobby Rohrer, Waterford

10.       (OO) Josh Holdgraver, Pittsburgh

11.       (55) Joe Martin, Mayport

12.       (7W) Bobby Whitling, Franklin

13.       (11P) Jorden Peters, Stevnson, ON, Canada

14.       (42C) Chad Shearer, Leechburg

15.       (21J) Jamie Wrightsman, Cortland, OH

16.       (27M) Michael Lake, Uniontown

17.       (36) Cody Dawson, Westover, MD

18.       (17) Ben Bowie, Brandywine, MD

19.       (17B) Russell Baird Jr., Uniontown

20.       (63) John Imler, Tracy’s Landing, MD

21.       (22R) Reese Masiello, Centerville, MD

22.       (F1) Nico Dabecco, Bethel Park

23.       (99) Robby Marhefka, Windber

24.       (76) Jason Rider, Clinton

Heat Race Winners: Rick Singleton, John Waters, Dennis Lunger

B-Main Winner: Joe Martin

Dash Winner: Chad McClellan

RUSH Sportsman Modified Feature: (15 Laps):

1.         (62) Dave Ponant, Pendleton, NY

2.         (3a) Adam Hilton, Buffalo, NY

3.         (1) Rocky Kugel, E. Liverpool, OH

4.         (X) Jeremy Paup, Polk                                    

5.         (18) Jamie Duncan, Brookfield, OH                           

6.         (20) Jeremy Zufall,      Greensburg                            

7.         (34) Ken Moy Jr., Cortland, OH

8.         (4w) Will Schaffer,      Ellwood City                           

9.         (71) Brian Wright, New Bethlem

10.       (91) Adam Siegel, Brookville                         

Heat Race Winner: Dave Ponant

Car Count Total: 73

BOSS Wingless Sprints: 25

RUSH Late Models: 37

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds: 9

Contact: Lernerville Speedway                      

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo Courtesy of Carlie Lipke/PR Intern

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