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"Back to School" Quick Results 9.13

S13 Kids


PCTC Senior Series Feature:
1. (20J) Mike Hilla Jr.
2. (45) Pat Weldon
3. (21) Jeff Miller
4. (528) Dwight C. Boice
5. (13X) Matt Rubright
6. (9S) Roger Stivenson
7. (02) Joseph Heinl
8. (12) Robert Maier
9. (48) Sid Haas
10. (81) Bill Henry
11. (54) Terry Marsh
12. (8C) Fred Casagni

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Working Man 50/Uncle Sam 30 Quick Results 8.29

Firecracker 100 Champ Darrell Lanigan scores $10,000 Working Man 50 victory
Russ King wins second $3,000 Uncle Sam 30 

Sarver, PA (August 29, 2014) Just two months after Darrell Lanigan finally slayed the dragon that was the Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com, he returned to Sheetz Victory Lane for a $10,000 Working Man 50 payday. Lanigan’s third World of Outlaws Late Model Series A-Main win of the season at Lernerville Speedway brought his winner’s share to $46,000 for 2014; $30,000 for the Firecracker 100 A-Main, $6,000 for the Firecracker Thursday Preliminary and now $10,000 for the Working Man 50. After the conclusion of Working Man 50, Russ King won the rescheduled Uncle Sam 30 from Firecracker 100 weekend; King’s second career Uncle Sam 30 victory.

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“Lucky #7” nets Jim Fosnaught $2,000 at Autumn-Motive Fest

“Lucky #7” nets Jim Fosnaught $2,000 at Autumn-Motive Fest
Zufall wins Rush Mods, Zambotti nets first win, Sweitzer wins Demo

Sarver, PA (September 7, 2014) Jim Fosnaught entered Autumn-Motive Fest 2014 with six feature wins and a shiny new Track Championship. He left with his seventh feature win and $2,000 richer after winning the Sportsman/Stock Spectacular. Jeremy Zufall took the checkered flag in the Rush Sportsman Modified feature which also included a bevy of prize packages for all competitors as part of Manufacturer’s Night. Joey Zambotti got a taste of Turner’s Premium Iced Tea in Sheetz Victory Lane by winning the non-winner’s race. Bob Sweitzer capped the evening by winning the Demolition Derby.

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